ProGen Ltd.

Our Seven Services For Your Success  

Project  Management

Project Health, Safety & Environment

ProGen have developed expertise in the development and implementation of Project HSE systems for major rotating equipment (including turbines, generators, gearboxes, valves, etc.) to ensure that the work is carried safely in an efficient and effective manner.

Project/Contract Managers

ProGen have developed genuine project and contract management expertise over the last 20+ years. We can provide you with our accumulated knowledge and experience to customize maintenance contracts, outages, strategies and regimes for you. No Surprises is our goal. ProGen’s clients enjoy the knowledge that their equipment is regularly maintained at an efficient and effective cost. 

Project Controls and Management Systems

Our skilled project managers will work with clients to ensure that we all understand the controls that are required. These controls are in place before the project begins and ensure consistency in the management of the project.

Tender Development and Appraisals

The creation of tender requests requires a high degree of skill and knowledge to ensure that every aspect of the work to be carried out is covered in the tender. The risks associated with vital items of work being omitted can be very high and costly.

Quality Systems Development and Documentation

ProGen can offer specialists who are skilled in the development of overhaul quality systems. These specialists will work with your staff to develop sophisticated systems to manage and maintain the quality of the services carried out on your equipment. ProGen can also produce the necessary documentation to support these quality systems.

Project Auditing

At ProGen we believe that the services of an auditor are invaluable to the client especially on very high value or high risk projects. Our services will provide clients with the greatest possible reassurance that their project will be completed successfully and that all the risks are minimized.

Project ................Development

Pre Feasibility and  Feasibility Studies

The project feasibility of a project is not just about the “can it be done?” it is also about “how will it be done?” ProGen’s expertise in this area is genuine and based on a wealth of experience.

Cost Benefit Analysis

ProGen has undertaken cost benefit analyses for a wide range of clients. These clients have benefited from our skills and expertise in ensuring that every aspect of this complex process is considered and included when appropriate.

Project Economics

The financial aspects of any project are an essential element to its success. On major projects such as turbine overhauls the values involved can be very large and errors or omissions can jeopardize the success of the total project. ProGen can provide the resources to ensure there are no errors or omissions and that the economics of your project are fully understood at every step.

Risk Appraisal

Our team will carry out a detailed risk analysis and give you an honest, open and expert view. The report will include all identified risks for the project and make recommendations on how these risks can be minimized.

Bid Clarification Reviews

The technical review of a tender for major equipment requires in-depth knowledge and experience of the design, operation and maintenance of typical plant. 

ProGen has worked on an extensive list of equipment types and manufacturers which has given us the ability to critically review bid tenders and determine key questions to be clarified at follow up meetings with tenders. This allows the Client to have the confidence that they are getting the best design for their project.

Maintenance Management

Development of Maintenance Strategies

Heavy rotating equipment is expensive and the maintenance and care is vital to ensure its continued reliable performance. Planning work needs to be completed to a fixed timescale and this can only be done successfully by developing detailed maintenance strategies.

Development of Maintenance Policies and Procedures

The detailed policies and procedures associated with the maintenance of large ticket items determines the way your equipment will be maintained. Using ProGen’s expertise in this area will prove cost effective and provide your organization with detailed policies and procedures essential to your business.

Maintenance Systems Analysis 

With high value equipment, inappropriate maintenance systems can prove expensive. ProGen can investigate and provide a detailed report with recommendations to bring your systems back in line with world best practice.

Maintenance Control and Documentation

The skilled team at ProGen can ensure that your equipment maintenance is controlled in the right way and that documentation is available to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Maintenance Work Planning 

ProGen have many years of experience in planning maintenance work on a wide variety of high value equipment. We have supplied clients with detailed plans for their maintenance work either as part of a much larger engagement or as a one-off piece of work.

Contracting of Maintenance Services

At ProGen we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that the contracts you enter into are well drafted and contain all the terms and caveats that ensure successful completion of work.

Implementation of Major Maintenance Projects

ProGen’s expertise comes from many engagements in the implementation major works. We understand the intricacies of the implementation – how to turn the theory into practice and make sure that the work is completed to your total satisfaction.  

Plant Maintenance and Supervision

Turbine Generator Overhauls

The ProGen Team has developed; extensive expertise and experience with heavy rotating equipment, ethical work practices, quality client focus and an overall can-do attitude. We will go the extra mile to ensure the Client’s machines are well looked after and targets meet.

Our team of experienced engineers have worked on numerous power stations around the world on 500kW to 600+MW, thermal and geothermal units. We provide supervisors, team leaders and trades staff for all mechanical servicing and overhaul work on;

· Turbines

· Generators

· White Metal Bearings

· Gearboxes

· Auxiliary plant

· Control valves and servo's

Other heavy rotating plant services

Alignment — We know that proper alignment is extremely important for machine longevity and reliability. Whether you use plain or rolling element bearings, we have the skills and experience in house to ensure your organization get the best possible result EVERY time.

Spatial Alignment — We are able to provide laser technology to measure and perform spatial alignment of components within turbine casings. We can also provide the proven wireline methodology for alignment of internal components.

Level Datum Surveys — we are able to provide laser technology for the surveys of plinth and/or casing levels. Over time casings can develop a sag which results in the need to adjust coupling and equipment alignments. With laser technology the current level can be utilized with flatness surveys to indicate the optimal adjustments to coupling and equipment alignments to ensure the long-term reliability of plant and minimize the potential for rubs.

Root Cause Analysis and Repair Assessments — utilizing ProGen staff’s extensive knowledge and experience on rotating equipment we are able to support investigations into root causes of failure or loss of performance. We are also able to assess and recommend different repair methodologies to give the Client the ability to select the optimum solution for their plant.

Asset Valuation and Valuation

Due Diligence of Asset Sales

Your organization is about to purchase a major piece of plant or equipment. You need to know what the condition the equipment you plan to purchase potentially an independent assessment of its value to ensure you are not over paying for it. ProGen has experience in providing equipment due diligence and can also provide clients with estimates of the costs of any repairs as well as estimates of the costs for the staffing, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Valuation of Generating Plant Assets

ProGen are also able to offer a valuations service for generating plant assets. This will provide you with the reassurance you need that the equipment you are considering is value for money. Our specialists can give your organization an accurate valuation of the equipment based on current market valuation..

Inspection and Quality Assurance Planning

Inspection and Quality Assurance Planning Services (I&QA)

Identify and code I&QA tasks in your outage plan

Customized views to show I&QA tasks

Copy task information to I&QA .doc template via Excel

Complete I&QA plans and enter into Quality Document  System


Progress Updating and Monitoring

Report output and progress updates

Work package listings

Gantt chart schedules

Reissue of updated listings and schedules Progress Monitoring 

· Critical paths

· Baseline slippage