ProGen Ltd.

ProGen Ltd. is a well-established New Zealand based Power Generation and Heavy Industrial Maintenance and Project Management company focusing on the operation, maintenance, major overhaul and strip down of the rotating equipment with a wealth of experience in steam turbine/generator overhauls. 

ProGen’s experience on a wide range of machines, from multiple manufacturers, gives us an ‘eyes wide open approach that allows us to provide a high quality solution that adds value to the Clients business. This is shown by

·        Our focus - support the Client in returning their equipment to the required level of performance and reliability by only undertaking those repairs or services that are required. We will not replace serviceable parts unnecessarily

·        Our philosophy - investigate what repairs need to occur for our clients and act on those only

·        Our objectivity – we are independent yet retain excellent working relationships with OEM’s and after-market suppliers alike

·        Our locality – while located in New Zealand we have resources that are able to respond rapidly to Clients requirements for planned outages or unscheduled breakdowns in Australia, Asia and Africa

·        Our long-term commitment – we are able to commit to a long-term maintenance contract to support the Client over the life of the equipment

·        Our professional staff - we recognize that the Client needs the support of skilled and experienced staff to provide expert advice, guidance and management of the construction and on-going maintenance of their equipment

·        Our proven processes – projects will be managed and overseen by our own specialists to ensure that risks are; identified, mitigated or avoided completely. Milestones are; identified, agreed, and the Client is kept informed of progress 

·        We add value – we are able to provide cost effective solutions with our skilled resources 


Our Company History

ProGen was first established in 1998.

Our team has extensive and in-depth experience in the electricity generating industry. We offer these skills in the thermal, geothermal and gas turbine power generation, mining, dairy and pulp & paper industries. Over recent years ProGen has completed major engineering projects for Genesis Energy, Mercury, Contact Energy, Fonterra and Ravensdown - New Zealand; Alinta Energy - Australia; EDC and GNPower - Philippines; Newcrest Mining in Papua New Guinea and Star Energy - Indonesia.

ProGen has equipment capability experience on Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fuji, Siemens, GE, Sulzer, Elliot, Solar, Ormat, Parsons, Alstom, Bellis, and Allen plant.

ProGen now boasts a core of specialists which can provide a one stop shop for heavy rotating plant services from project development, evaluation, management, auditing, planning, asset valuation/acquisition, maintenance management and supervision services, cost engineering to root cause investigations and assessment of repair methodologies.  


Our business 

ProGen recognize that owners and operators of large, high value equipment need expert advice, guidance and management of the construction and on-going maintenance of this equipment. We realize that the risks for our clients associated with unexpected failure can be enormous. For example, the loss of a generator to a power company, even for a short period can seriously jeopardize the company’s ability to maintain continuity of supply. Loss of this equipment could result in the short-term loss of supply-generated income. With many other businesses it could result in the loss of customers as a result of perceived unreliability of supply.   

The loss of vital equipment caused by project overruns can be crippling. That is why we, at ProGen, offer the reassurance that all our projects will be managed and overseen by our own specialists. Our skilled professionals make certain that every aspect of a project is noted, assessed and managed to ensure that any risks are recognized, mitigated and avoided. The Project Managers within the ProGen team are also able to make sure that milestones are identified and agreed with our clients and will regularly update client’s management.